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Rebuild And Reach Courses Provide Vital New Family Woodland Area For Dementia Nursing Home

Rebuild and Reach courses provide vital new Family Woodland area for Dementia Nursing Home



Rebuild South West have been working with Trefula House in St Day over the past few Rebuild and Reach courses (10 full days), to enable the specialised nursing home to make use of their fantastic grounds.

Trefula offer specialised and tailored care for residents with Dementia, Mental Health Conditions, Physical Disabilities, and complex needs. Friends, family, visitors and residents can now enjoy a Family Woodland Walk amongst the site, something they have never been able to do to date.

Rebuild South West will continue working with Trefula House for future courses, as there is always more that can be done!

The courses have offered new skills, confidence, and a huge sense of reward and achievement to participants, many of whom have secured employment since.

The Reach Course is a practical team event, proven to Enhance Lives and Prospects, and has literally been life changing to so many.

Denise Ward (Dee), Manager of Trefula, was thrilled with the work, and looks forward to the Spring when all the newly planted bulbs and shrubs will continue to transform the area. ”Thank for helping us make a dream come true!”



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